Warrior Poets

  FIRE SUPPORT BASE ‘ CORAL’ From late May 1968 , the 1st and 3rd Battalions of the Royal  Australian […]

TWO POEMS  IN MEMORY OF PAUL LARGE   This photo reminds me of the terrible cost, When a young digger’s […]

What would they, the diggers of ANZAC say As well as sons and daughters who followed in their way If […]

Adversity comes in many forms as we know Floods, drought, bushfire and cyclones on the go Politicians we elect who […]

Where ever you go in our big brown land, that spirit is the same Always smouldering and now and then […]

Doug McGrath was MC at the unveiling of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Canberra October 1992 and made this closing address […]

Imagine if past generations could return and see The true state of affairs of our once lucky country It’s odds […]

I often wonder at the rapid momentum of social change in society including political correctness which to me is blight […]

I was at a reunion to catch up with mates from long ago With a bride who was convinced that […]

Some Things Never Change It seems politicians have no real regard for the profession of arms. On the contrary, their […]