At a BBQ last week the conversation got around to discussing Mel Gibson’s latest movie “Heartbreak Ridge”: It generated a […]

AFTER three years, one month and two days, the Korean War ended at 10pm on July 27, 1953. Perhaps it […]

                          A Legacy So Dear Oh what have we done to our legacy, so precious and dear Now with leaderless […]

We live in a world of increasing social changes and shrinking common sense.  Thus as we blunder into tomorrow without […]

TWO events this week demonstrated Australia’s enduring leadership in regional military affairs. It can be a long time between drinks […]

TWO years ago the ambitious but hapless Stuart Robert was given a dual responsibility as minister for both Veterans’ Affairs […]

A KEY factor in New Zealand’s defensive posture is its geographic isolation. While Australia’s air-sea gap from potential aggressors has […]

ONLY someone who has attempted to take a large bone from a small terrier understands the fury it can generate. […]

  Among other things, Townsville is a garrison town. If soldiers and their families are doing it tough in a […]

UNLIKE every other Australian state, Queensland does not yet have a dedicated minister for veterans’ affairs. It does have a […]