George Mansford

Precious Memories of Yesterday I often try to open that magic door Wishing and hoping for evermore To find you […]

The official changing of the wording on one of our icons in New Guinea from “Mateship” to “Friendship” left me […]

Training for War One of the latest trends emanating from Canberra is how to enhance Political Correctness via the Armed […]

Mid muffled drums, bugle calls, sobs and cries We fondly recall his soldiering days gone by Weep not for him […]

The Power of Dreams For soldiers at war, dreams are a powerful way to escape the reality of danger, death […]

   My Tough Father and Spoilt Me  My dad lived in the rugged outback a long time ago Where cruel […]

During the Vietnam War there were many bloody battles involving Australian troops. One such battle occurred in Operation Bribie (named […]

                                For many, many years I […]

Down under, we’re told the age of entitlement is over for all To reduce the debt, “shoulders to the wheel” […]

Our Tom, Always on Parade Father Time captures all and it will always be Yet never to be stolen are […]