George Mansford

                          A Legacy So Dear Oh what have we done to our legacy, so precious and dear Now with leaderless […]

We live in a world of increasing social changes and shrinking common sense.  Thus as we blunder into tomorrow without […]

Are We Burning Our Bridges? History is the soul of any proud nation Deeds in a never ending journey via […]

Address by George Mansford (Cairns 18 August 2017) Today throughout our nation there will be gatherings such as ours to […]

It is better than winning Lotto when two beautiful young women backpacking from the Old World arrive at your firm […]

Enough is Enough Bulging wallets and full troughs are part of the political game  Canberra Suits should wear masks to […]

               A Proud and Sacred Place                       When you visit […]

This poem was prompted by visits to schools during ANZAC services in FNQ where young Aussies do all of us proud…  […]

On recent ANZAC parades in the deep south I was appalled at the conduct of mindless fools who organised  indigenous […]

In a world of political correctness, be careful what you say A slip of the tongue means exile and a […]